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The humidity has left permanently until sometime around April-May in middle Tennessee here.  The time now is for football and get together with friends before it gets too cold outside.

Many people are running around and soaking up the last part of the sun they can before the only tan will be from a vacation or a tanning salon.

The Titans have made a splash in the NFL by surprising everyone with their play and the Nashville Predators are definitely a team that is on the rise.

Fall is also a time to put away the boats, motorcycles and other toys before winter comes.  Not to mention the pools need to be closed and the leaves need to be raked.

Construction declines and everyone starts to slow down a little bit.  I’m considering getting an acid stain and epoxy floor in my garage, but that can really almost be done anytime.

Good luck to everyone’s football squad and please don’t force winter on us too soon!